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Before you feel your pool table or what company you should use, compare our service and material guarantee. We are the only company that guarantees not only our services but also the pool table felt.

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The best time to replace the pool table cloth is when the pool table is in pieces. This makes the task less labor-intensive than recovering a pool table already set up.

Our professional pool table installers carefully remove the existing cloth so it can be reused. This means that you don’t necessarily have to change your current cloth as long as you’re happy with them.

There are about 30 colors from three lines of cloth to go perfectly with the room’s ambiance. This pool table felt is protected by our guarantee against rips or manufacturer defects. This guarantee is for an entire year after the service is complete. We proudly offer professional pool table moves and repair, plus expert refelting in high-quality materials.

Pool Table Refelting in High-Quality Materials

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A professional pool table setup with leveling is complex since the table has to be put together piece by piece. This means the best time to change out the felt on your table is when it is being installed.

We guarantee a premium pool table assembly and pool table refelting service, including materials quality, for an entire year.

This guarantee is issued in writing and backed by a National organization. We take pride in being the only company in the area authorized to issue this document to our customers.

We have all the tools to give you the best playing experience when we finish servicing your pool table. When we complete the service, rest assured that your table will be in the best playing condition.

We guarantee our workmanship on the services provided and the materials we use for each service. Whether it’s a complete move, installation, table recovering, disassembly, or pool table repair, we provide a guarantee.

Pricing your pool table refelting service

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Pricing fluctuates in the area depending on which cloth you choose and what type of pool table you have. We’ll ask the following: the size of the pool table, the pocket build, and the style of the table. We would also like to know if it is set up and playable or in pieces.

We have a chart with the approximate pool table room sizes to help you find the size for your room. As for the type of cloth, below are the pool table felt we supply for a pool table recovering service.

Your choice of pool table felt

The main differences between standard cloth and upgraded worsted material are the speed, accuracy, and overall gameplay performance.

Standard woolen pool table felt 

Stain-resistant woolen felt is most commonly found on pool tables and is offered with new pool tables. The texture is a little “fuzzy,” which makes it slower and the most economical of the options.

Simonis worsted pool table cloth colors

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The most widely recognized name in the industry, used by professionals and passionate players. This pool table cloth undergoes a manufacturing process that results in a beautiful precision cloth. This achieves the smoothest and most accurate playing surface available.

Standard worsted felt non-brand colors

(Colors may be limited, contact us to get current colors available.)

Tournament-grade cloth is a tightly woven material that gives it a smooth texture. This allows for a faster game, higher accuracy, and more durability.

We guarantee our services for an entire year with a written service guarantee backed by the American Billiard Installers Association. The only National Organization that regulates service standards in our industry.

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